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JusSnipe! button does not work?

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  • JusSnipe! button does not work?
  • JustSnipe! Button link does not work. It shows "No Entry", outline box flashes. Receive message Invalid eBay auction or data.

    Check if there is any pop-up-block or advertising-block program running? If so; close that program, delete temp internet files, delete cookies, and close your Internet browser. Then, open Internet browser again and see if the button works or not.

    Also, you must be on an auction item page (the item that you want to snipe; where you are able to read the item's description) in order to have this button working. Otherwise you will reveive a message:

    Invalid eBay auction or data. Please close this window and click JustSnipe! button when you are at an eBay auction page.

    Check Cookies Setting and Security Setting in your Internet Browser:

    • Privacy Setting
      Setting "High" or "Block All Cookies" will likely have this error.
    • Security Setting
      Setting "High" also likely to have this error as well.