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Our Auction Sniper Service Options at JustSnipe:

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Value Membership Plan
  • Unlimited Snipes
  • Web-based auction sniper control panel
  • Bid 5 seconds before closing*
  • High priority snipe order Queue
  • Update current auction price every 1 hour
  • Multiple bid servers
  • JustWatch (Watch List)
  • Negative Feedbacks Checking
  • Adjustable leadtime sniper
  • More features and supports
  • $5.00 / month:
    • auction sniper PayPal
    • auction sniper auction sniper
      Visa, MasterCard
      You will be billed every month to ensure uninterrupted service.

System Requirements:

  • Any computer that has Internet connection.
  • Any operating system.
  • In order to fully optimize features in our site and access our secured contents through SSL, your computer should have one of the following browsers:
    • Microsoft IE version 5.0 and up
    • Netscape version 4.5 and up
    • Opera version 5.0 and up

You have come to the right place. A lot of people have been talking about and using the so-called "bid sniper", "auction sniper", "eBay sniper" or "auction sniping", and they do NOT want to reveal their secrets of winning the auction. One of those secrets is to use an automated snipe application to increase the winning chance. Why wait any longer? It's your chance to give it a try and win more eBay auction with the JustSnipe bid sniper.

JustSnipe is FREE. Register your auction sniper today.

JustSnipe provides an online eBay sniper application that will help you win more auctions and avoid bidding wars that can drive the bid price higher than what you intended to pay. Start saving your money�and time�today with our online auction sniper application. Once you schedule a sniper, you can just turn off your computer and do something else, while our server will wait and place your bid at the very last moment before the auction closes. Registration is simple and secured through our SSL page. Once you have registered, you will be ready to snipe the auction! If you know how to bid on eBay, you will know how to use our application. It's that easy.

*This is the approximate average bidding time. Actual bidding time may vary.