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How to upgrade account to 'Value Membership Plan'

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  • How to upgrade account to 'Value Membership Plan'
  • Upgrade account to 'Value Membership Plan' (unlimited version) using PayPal or credit card

    In order to upgrade to 'Value Membership Plan', we require your monthly subscription payment. JustSnipe accepts PayPal and regular credit card.

    You can upgrade your account from 'Free Membership Plan' to 'Value Membership Plan' by:

    • Sign in to your JustSnipe account.
    • Click "Set Up" on Preference menu (red menu to your left).
    • Choose Payment Type:
      • PayPal: Click "Update Subscription Via PayPal"
      • Credit Card: Click "Update Subscription using your Credit Cards"
    • Enter necessary information and submit your request.

    Your account will be upgraded to 'Value Membership Plan' when your payment has been approved.

    • PayPal processing can upgrade your account instantly upon the automated approval from PayPal (Sometimes it may take up to 5 minutes to 1 hour to process your request and upgrade).
      ** Using eCheck may take up to 10 days **
    • Credit Card processing may take up to 24 hours to process your request and upgrade.