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Error Message: You need to enable your browser to accept Cookies

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  • Error Message: You need to enable your browser to accept Cookies
  • Can not access log in to JustSnipe, even though sign in id/password are correct. The screen shows error message "You need to enable your browser to accept Cookies"

    In order to access JustSnipe, you need to enable your browser to accept Cookies otherwise you will receive an error message and will not be able to gain access to our website.

    If you feel that you have enabled your Cookies already and still receive this message, please check the following:

    • Privacy Setting
      Setting "High" or "Block All Cookies" will likely have this error.
      Resolution: Try setting to "Medium"
    • Security Setting
      Setting "High" also likely to have this error as well.
      Resultion: Try setting to "Medium" and/or enable "Javascript" (ActiveScript).
    • Other 3rd party programs
      Some other programs that block banner ads or programs that control Cookies setting may cause this error.
      Resolution: Try disable any 3rd party program or toolbar that might have the function to block pop-up or cookies.

    If the error still occurs after checking the above resolution,
    Resolution: Try clearing your browser "Cache", delete current "Cookies", and clear any history pages in the "History" folder.

    If you have Norton Internet Security (NIS) installed on your computer,
    try using the following workarounds:

    1) Try signing in by clicking on the "sign in" link in the header at the top of most JustSnipe pages.


    2) Configure the NIS Browser Privacy to include Please follow the instructions from Symantec Technical

    Support at this link: docid/2000042512332436? OpenDocument&ExpandSection=2&Src=w

    In step 6 of the process, please use "".

    Some proxy servers may be holding your cache, disable it