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Why didn't I win the auction?

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  • Why didn't I win the auction?
  • Where is my snipe that I scheduled earlier; should have won the auction but fail to.

    All of auctions that are finished will be displayed on "Ended Auction" page (red menu to your left on sniper panel).

    When the auction is ended, you can check the result of each snipe order by clicking "Ended Auctions" link on the Sniper Panel (red menu to your left). Each snipe order displays a brief message stating the result of the sniping, you can click "eBay Result" link for more details on each order.

    Often times, users will see that their bid are higher than the final auction price and yet fail to win the auction (with the message "Bid too low". The reason of this failure is that their max bid did not meet the next minimum bid increment. By clicking "eBay Result", users will be able to see the detail message we received from ebay.

    Also, when users receive warning flag from eBay (such as NPB or fail to make payment to eBay), the possibility of fail bid is likely to be high.

    Another most common reason is that users fail to provide correct eBay id/password and can cause missing snipe or "Invalid eBay id/password" error message. You can update your eBay id/password and verify by

    • Sign in to JustSnipe
    • Click "Setup" under Preference menu
    • Click "Update Auction User ID and Password" to make an update or
    • Click "Verify eBay Information" to verify your current eBay information that you have with us.

    We encourage new users to read our walkthrough article on how to use JustSnipe: